Key Projects

2.0 PSCM Asset Management Estimate
6.0 P1110962
7.0 P1110935
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11.0 Queen St pedestrian bridge
Suburban Road Upgrade Projects (Major Road Projects Victoria)
The following services were provided for the Western, Northern & South Eastern Road Upgrade projects:
  • Operations & maintenance phase Public Sector Comparator Model Cost Estimates
  • Operations & Maintenance Phase Technical advice
  • Bridge inspection and load assessments
  • Specification and KPI reviews
  • Tender evaluation
  • Contractor Management Plan reviews
  • Contractor surveillance
Henderson Rd Bridge over Corhanwarrabul Ck – Knox City Council
Concept and detail design of roadworks, bridge, major culverts, pedestrian underpass and shared path realignment including hydraulic modelling of the major waterway. Preparation of contract documents, technical specification and estimates. Assisted with tender evaluation and provided technical advice during construction.
2.0 P1130348
3.0 552474_D02.M.31-N-48-2_P1000511
4.0 P1120066
5.0 IMG_20190904_133813
6.0 Timber noisewalls
EastLink – ConnectEast Group
Provide engineering advice and technical support for Eastlink including the following specific projects and tasks:
  • Preparation of EastLink pavement resurfacing contract specifications and KPI’s.
  • Structure condition inspections – EastLink tunnels, retaining walls, noise barriers, bridges and major culverts.
  • Technical advice & design reviews – impact of Monash Fwy Upgrade Project upon EastLink,
  • Timber noise-wall durability report
  • Code of Maintenance Standards Review
  • Preparation of EastLink Structures Management Strategy
  • Electrical & Coms Pit Asset Data collection and condition assessment.
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5.0 IMG_0089
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7.0 IMG_20180423_104020
Bridge Inspections – Murrindindi Shire Council
Level 3 inspections of nominated structures.
Queensland Motorways – Brisbane (now Transurban Queensland)
Provided services over a period of three years to assist transition from a Government to Private enterprise organisation capable of meeting its obligation under the Queensland Motorways Road Franchise Agreement. Services included:
  • Preparation of Operational & Maintenance Management Plans.
  • Preparation of Code of Maintenance Standards.
  • Preparation of maintenance contract specification & project management of the procurement process.
  • Preparation of RFA performance reports.
  • Assisted QM negotiate revised KPI’s.
  • Provide Asset Management Information System (AMIS) subject matter expertise.
  • Other engineering and technical advice.
Engineering project management – CityLink tunnel pavement resurfacing
2.0 P1110513
3.0 Downies Lane GA
Latrobe City Council
Design of bridge over Traralgon Creek, Downies Lane and associated road realignment including preparation of the specification and estimates.
1.0 MTRdNB-093309_Moment_Moment
Mornington Peninsula Link (PenLink)
Road maintenance surveillance and Code of Maintenance Standards review.
Frankston city Council logo
Asset Management Improvements – Frankston City Council
Provided services to assist Council improve asset management including:
  • Preparation of a procedure and policy for evaluation and prioritisation of capital works program using a Quadruple Bottom line approach.
  • Asset Management Improve Actions – Policy and Procedure Development for Asset Valuations.
  • Development of unit rates for asset valuations.
Wellington Shire Council
Workforce planning review – Road Operations.
North East Link map2
North East Link
Prepared the civil components of OPEX and CAPEX cost estimates for the Operations and Maintenance Phase.
West Gate Tunnel Authority Logo
West Gate Tunnel Project
Provided adhoc technical advice and an assessment of the civil components of the proposed Operations & Maintenance phase costing. Reviewed draft Code of Maintenance Standards and draft Operation & Maintenance Management Plans.
Toowoomba Second Range Crossing Project
Prepared the civil components of OPEX and CAPEX financial model for Operations and Maintenance Phase of Toowoomba Second Range Crossing Project for the successful tenderer.
1.0 Martha Cove logo
Martha Cove – VicRoads assets
Specification and contract documents – Martha Cove Asset Management Strategy and Maintenance Plan